Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sub-Arctic Land Narwhal

Here I'm showing the process.  This one I worked on a little differently than I would acrylics (or even other oil paintings), but I decided to switch it up since the original landscape was predominantly white(ish).

 Here's the original.

Here's the initial sketch.

Ever-so-lightly pencil in the beastie.

Blocking in the figure in white.

Some shading.  You can see she's "on top of" some trees at this point.

Finished product.

Sub-Arctic Land Narwhal!
 My first attempt at altering an oil painting.  I felt a little like I was destroying a bit of history since the landscape painting was done in 1965.  Perhaps a series of events put into play by unseen cosmic forces guided it to my hands.  Or maybe I'm an irreverent jerk.  Either way.

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  1. is this for sale? would love to know. My wife has a birthday coming up and she really likes your work.